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The first car in the world is now printed on the 3D-printer

| Авто-News | 9 января 2017

Local Motors companies in the technology show in Chicago shows that it needs at least four days to produce a functioning electric vehicle.

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show, which is now in Chicago, the American company Local Motors in the eyes of visitors creates the 3D-printer first-functioning electric car. Reports The Wall Street Journal about it.

The process of printing and assembly of the car for two people who will work on the battery and called Strati, began on Sunday and should be completed on Thursday. Huge printer builds up layer upon layer of body and chassis made ​​of black plastic, reinforced with carbon fiber. The electric motor, seats, wheels, tires and windshield Local Motors makes traditional methods, but still in this car will be a total of 47 parts, whereas in conventional cars are thousands of them, says John Rogers, CEO of Local Motors: “In your eyes we produce critical changes, drastically reducing the number of parts”.

After the box is ready mechanism computerized process it to give a predetermined characteristic, and drill holes 32 for mounting the remaining parts.

On a company site can be seen as a process of “printing” of the car.

Project for its production, which was founded in 2007, Local Motors is implementing in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Laboratory of the Ministry of Energy), aims to confound the critics who claim that the process of 3D-printing is too slow and expensive to apply its mass production.

“It’s not in the car, and in the process”, says Rogers, the meaning of the project is to demonstrate the possibility of a new production technology. “We took less than 40 hours to print one car and at least four days to collect a prototype; this is an incredibly short period of time. In a few months we will be able to shorten the period of printing up to less than 20 hours and we are sure that two people can then less than an hour to assemble the car ready, – said in a statement on the website of Rogers Local Motors. – Our goal – a completely different approach to the creation of the car, usually in a modern car over 20,000 parts; we want to see in cars of the future, there were less than 20”.

The first version will be able to Strati travel at speeds up to 65 km / h, battery charge, according to Rogers, is enough for 190-240 km. In Local Motors hopes to start selling in the coming months. Price will range from $ 18,000 to $ 30,000 depending on a set of options that customers prefer. The company also plans to give them the opportunity to choose the design of the car to your liking. After Strati will receive a certificate of safety, the machine will be able to move around and on motorways, Rogers hopes.

For a basis of Strati was taken design proposed for the open competition that Local Motors announced and which was attended by both professionals and amateurs. On the navigation layout used transmission from Renault Twizy, the company said on its website.

3D-printer for manufacturing released Strati Engineering Company of Cincinnati Harrison, pcs. Ohio. It is able to handle the details of up to 1 m x 1.5 m x 3 m and its dimensions greatly exceeds the conventional 3D-printers that are not usually strongly more washing machines.

3D-printing technology, also known as the additive, is a build-up of material on the object layer by layer. Unlike conventional technology, where items are machined from billet, whereby the material falls into the waste, 3D-printing allows a computer to simulate and “printing” it from plastic, metal or composite materials.

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